Updated: Friday 14 August 2015

COWASH in Abichu gena Woreda

Abichu gena woreda is located in North Shoa zone of Oromia Region. COWASH started in Abichu gena woreda in 2005 EFY (2012-2013) and is now implementing the 3rd year in the Woreda. During the period of 2 years Abichu gena woreda has implemented 61 water points and the number of water points planned to be implemented this year (2014-2015) are 41. COWASH has accelerated the water supply access coverage in Abichu gena woreda from its lower percentage to 95 % and the woreda is optimistic that it will achieve the GTP targets due to COWASH assistance. In sanitation all households which have joined the water supply have also constructed toilets and in addition to this 2 school and 2 health facility latrines have been built and 2 kebeles have been declared ODF.

W/ro Zenash Abebe is the chairperson of the Debero-Garmojo water point. She is assisted by W/ro Tatchi Gemeda (Treasurer), Ato Kebede Zeleke (Secretary) and other three WASHCO members. Together they manage the water supply serving 30 households.

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