Updated: Monday 09 April 2012

SNNPR delegation visits Amhara to learn about CMP implementation

The SNNPR region intends to use the CMP approach to implement WASH schemes from 2012.

Sixteen professionals visited Amhara between 17-23 October 2011 to learn about CMP implementation from the region where this approach was developed and piloted with the support of the RWSEP project from 2003. The organisations represented in the learning visit were the Regional Bureau of Water Resources (5 participants), Gamo Gofa zone, Chencha woreda and  Arba Minch Zuria woreda Water, Mine and Energy (WME) and Finance and Economy Development Departments and Offices, Omo Micro Finance, UNICEF regional office, RiPPLE and SNV.

The team received presentations on the 17 years of experience in Amhara (including 8 years with the Community Development Fund apsect which forms the core financing approach for CMP), made field visits and held discussions with beneficiary communities, visited the Bahir Dar woreda WME office to learn about local level experience and then reflected on what they had seen and heard in relation to application of the CMP approach in SNNPR. A combined report was prepared for sharing with regional colleagues.

Bahir Dar and Bure woreda WME offices presented their overall CMP project process and how they are working closely with communities, CMP project staff and the wider WaSH sector. The team learned about each community water scheme's history and the whole process beginning from feasibility study to owning and operating the infrastructure. The committees are elected by user communities and all of them are clearly aware their responsibilities in order to sustainably manage the schemes and keeping the collected water fees in a safe place. The team also got an opportunity to access all formats, writing documents, guidelines and procedure documents for their own implementation when back to their region, zone or woreda.