COWASH-hanke on vuosina 2011-2020 toimiva Suomen ja Etiopian hallitusten välinen kehistysyhteistyöhanke, joka tukee vesi- ja sanitaatioprojektien toteuttamista soveltaen yhteisövetoista lähetymistapaa (CMP) viidessa osavaltiossa ja 76 kunnassa. Tämä innovatiivinen toimintamalli on kehitetty Suomen rahoittamissa vesihankkeissa 2000-luvulla. Mallin mukaan paikalliset yhteisöt tai koulut ja terveysasemat hakevat rahoitustukea oman vesipisteen tai käymälän rakentamiseen ja vastaavat itse oman vesihuoltonsa rakennuttamisesta, hankinnoista ja hallinnoinnista. Tältä sivulta löydät tietoa suomeksi COWASH-hankkeesta ja CMP-lähestymistavasta. 


Community Managed Projects

This website provides information on the Community Managed Project (CMP) approach to rural water supply and institutional sanitation in Ethiopia. The approach includes important innovations in financing, putting communities at the centre of development and enabling government to support faster delivery of new services to more people. The approach is currently supported through Community-Led Accelerated WASH (COWASH) project that runs in 2011-2020. COWASH is to contribute to the achievement of universal access to WASH in rural WASH and it is currently supporting the implementation of CMP in 76 districts in rural Ethiopia.

Latest COWASH Brochure can be downloaded from here:

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Visit to Kebar Keshmando Kebele in BG

Positive feelings and great expectations fill the visitors from Embassy of Finland, Regional WASH sector bureaus, COWASH Federal and Regional teams and Bambasi woreda water office when visiting in Gott 1 water scheme and Keshmando secondary school in Nebar Keshmando Kebele in Bambasi Woreda of Benishangul Gumuz Region.

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How are the women empowered in COWASH?

The gender dimension of Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene is critical.  Women and girls bear the main burden for collecting water in households where water is collected from some distance. The time and energy devoted to perform this task is considerable that could be applied to productive and personal development activities.  Inadequate or no access to sanitation affects women and girls in many ways: they have to wait until dark to go to toilet and this leaves them vulnerable to attacks. They eat and drink less to avoid the need for day time toilet use. IN the absence of water and sanitation facilities, girls are most likely to miss classes if they are menstruating. Women also suffer during menstruation and pregnancy time. Access to water and improved sanitation services enable women and girls to lead healthier and dignified life.

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Happy World Water Day 2019

2019 World Water Day Fact Sheet can be downloaded from here

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Rest In Peace Ato Mulugeta Asfaw

Farewell News on the pass away of Mulugeta Asfaw, 11 March 2019

It is with regret that we hear the tragic accident on Ethiopian Airlines flight ET 302/10 March 2019. Now, it is confirmed that the accident has claimed the lives of 149 passengers and 8 crew members on board.

We, in COWASH, are very much saddened to inform you that our Regional staff, Ato. Mulugeta Asfaw, from Southern Nations and Nationalities Region, has passed away in this tragic accident.

Mulugeta was our Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist in COWASH Regional Support Unit, (RSU) in Hawasa. He joined the RSU team last year as Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist. He was on his way to an advanced capacity building project management training to Kenya.

Mulugeta was born and raised in Addis Ababa. By training he is an Economist and obtained his Master’s degree in Economics from Addis Ababa University.

Mulugeta is married and father of three boys.

COWASH Federal team is in deep shock and we express our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who lost their lives yesterday and to the family of Mulugeta in particular.

We ascertain to stand with the family in this difficult time and we once again wish rest in peace to the deceased and consolation to the family.

News of the incident is available at

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