The Oromia region started the preparatory processes for the CMP implementation in 2012 (2004 EFY) but the actual implementation started in 2005 EFY in 5 woredas. In 2006 EFY 3 more woredas joined COWASH.

Oromia Plans

This article contains COWASH Plans in Oromia region

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Oromia Reports

Collection of COWASH reports from Oromia

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COWASH woredas in Oromia region

Maps and GIS-databases of 12 COWASH woredas in Oromia region.

Oromia COWASH-facilities in Google Maps

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Oromia financing

Oromia allocated 0,5 million USD (9 METB) for CMP implementation in the region. However, the regional government has promised to provide more funding if the CMP approach shows expected results.

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