COWASH-hanke on vuosina 2011-2020 toimiva Suomen ja Etiopian hallitusten välinen kehistysyhteistyöhanke, joka tukee vesi- ja sanitaatioprojektien toteuttamista soveltaen yhteisövetoista lähetymistapaa (CMP) viidessa osavaltiossa ja 76 kunnassa. Tämä innovatiivinen toimintamalli on kehitetty Suomen rahoittamissa vesihankkeissa 2000-luvulla. Mallin mukaan paikalliset yhteisöt tai koulut ja terveysasemat hakevat rahoitustukea oman vesipisteen tai käymälän rakentamiseen ja vastaavat itse oman vesihuoltonsa rakennuttamisesta, hankinnoista ja hallinnoinnista. Tältä sivulta löydät tietoa suomeksi COWASH-hankkeesta ja CMP-lähestymistavasta. 


Community Managed Projects

This website provides information on the Community Managed Project (CMP) approach to rural water supply and institutional sanitation in Ethiopia. The approach includes important innovations in financing, putting communities at the centre of development and enabling government to support faster delivery of new services to more people. The approach is currently supported through Community-Led Accelerated WASH (COWASH) project that runs in 2011-2020. COWASH is to contribute to the achievement of universal access to WASH in rural WASH and it is currently supporting the implementation of CMP in 76 districts in rural Ethiopia.

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Asenteiden Muuttaja Aino Himanen

This article was published in "Kauppalehti Optio' in Finland. The article is focusing on disability inclusion Specialist Aino Himanen and her pioneering work in disability inclusion in WASH in general and Community-Led Accelerated WASH project in particular. The article is attached and is in Finnish.

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New article

Committed, efficient and humble COWASH Woreda CMP Advisor in Chencha Woreda, Gamo Zone of SNNP Region
This is the story of Yohannes Badege, water professional and a man with a purpose.

We start the discussion with Yohannes when it rains outside. Rainy season has started and rivers starts to flow water and to fill the empty dams for electricity we so much also need.
Yohannes is 28 years old Hydraulics and Hydropower Engineer (MSc) from Arbaminch University. He is married and he has 2 kids (5 and 7 years). Yohannes graduated 7 years ago. Before MSc degree he had a diploma from the same institute 12 years ago. After his diploma he worked as a technician and an engineer in Segen Peoples’ Zone Water Office. Later on, he became a Department Head in the same zone water office.
Yohannes has been working as COWASH Woreda CMP Advisor in Chencha woreda the last 5 years. We wanted to know what keeps the MSc level engineer in the woreda and why his work is successful.

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Ramboll got new project in Ethiopia

Developing the infrastructure in Ethiopia's capital

Ramboll (Lead consultant for COWASH Federal Technical Assistance) will work with the Ethiopian authorities to develop a strategic infrastructure plan with a focus on sustainable development in the town of Addis Ababa.

The project, funded by the World Bank, is an example of a growing demand for sustainable planning services in developing countries.

Over the past decade, Ethiopia has seen great economic growth. An annual growth rate of about 10% on average which has led to increasing purchasing power in the country, a growing middle class and more cars in the streets of the capital Addis Ababa, a city of 4.5 million inhabitants. Consequently, the city is experiencing a sharp increase in air pollution and congestion on the roads putting a brake on productivity and hampering the economic growth. 

“It is a development that authorities in Addis Ababa want to reverse. They want sustainable growth, where the country's economic development goes hand-in-hand with consideration for the environment and climate change” says Jens Chr. Helbech Hede, Senior Director in Ramboll's Transport division with responsibility for international projects.

He elaborates: "Our experts should help local authorities develop a strategic infrastructure plan across all modes of transport, so there are more sustainable and low carbon alternatives to the car, for example metros and railways”

Ramboll is lead consultant on the project and the Smart Mobility division will assist in developing a demand-based transport model and coherent plan for future infrastructure projects in the city up to 2030.  The work will be done in a consortium with two Italian companies and a local subcontractor. The Consortium will assess the travel demand patterns and transport conditions in Addis Ababa to identify transport strategies for the city of Addis, test the alternatives and identify the best solution. Citizens and other stakeholders will be consulted during the entire development process of the plan through several workshops, public information sessions and the set-up of a project website.

Rising market in developing countries

The project is a concrete example of an increasing demand for sustainable engineering services in developing countries. Citizens in developing countries are more exposed to climate change, and to address that agenda they often enter into partnerships with development banks, such as the World Bank who can assist with the funding and knowledge needed to incorporate sustainability into the development projects.

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Borehole Rehabilitation Conference

Borehole Rehabilitation Conference
AUGUST 8, 2019
Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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