This page is about stories of success, challenges and research findings. 

COWASH 9 years brief

Here you can find a very short comprehensive COWASH 9 years brief

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COVID resilience building ToT training in regions

Please find an article on the ToT training provided in COVID resilience building in 5 CWASH regions

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CMP process experience from Basona Warena Woreda

The Community Managed Project implementation modality addresses the demand of speeding up the development of sustainable rural WASH services. CMP delivers on integrated, participatory and decentralised approaches by enabling communities or institutions to initiate, plan, implement and manage their own WASH projects. In order to build community capacity, ownership, transparency & accountability and ensure sustainability of the projects the approach has its own distinct processes. Each step is important in achieving the results of sustainable project. Each step is equally important and non- skippable. Read more on this from here:

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Story on private sector development (Artisans) in COWASH

In COWASH, Artisans training is part and parcel of the CMP project for many reasons. First and foremost to create job opportunity in WASH sector with involvement of the private sector. Secondly to ensure sustainability of COWASH constructed water schemes through a local capacity available at the community level. Now, there are different types of private sectors involvement in Community-Led Accelerated WASH (COWASH) project. One of the approaches is the use of artisans in the construction of water schemes and institutional latrines. There are very few artisans trained by other WASH projects in Ethiopia. However, in COWASH, Artisans training is one of the key deliverables to meet the project objectives.  Read whole article from here:

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Interview of Engineer Dilu Getachew from Arba Minch Zuria Woreda water office on Artisans in COWASH

Artisans’ in COWASH; The case of Arbaminch Zuria Woreda, Conversation with Dilu Getachew, Water Supply Design Engineer in Arbaminch Zuria Woreda Water, Mines and Energy Office. Please read the story from here:

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A day in the life of community during CMP implementation

A day in life of the community is a story written to show the real life of the community during implementation of CMP project. The case of this particular story happened during the construction of Shnkurt Mebed spring development in Basona Warena Woreda, Amhara region. This story is based on the discussions made with some beneficiaries and WASHCO members of Shnkurt Medeb Spring in March 2019. Please read the whole story from here:

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A girl who wanted to become an artisan

How to turn setbacks into Comebacks: The story of the young, female Artisan trained by COWASH, Arba Minch Zuria Woreda.
Her name is W/o Meseret Hana. She is 21 years old and a mother of one baby boy. She completed High School at grade 10. She recently joined motherhood three months ago. She is the only female artisan in the Arba Minch Zuria Woreda. What setbacks did Meseret face to try the traditionally male dominated sector? Follow the exciting story here: 

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Asenteiden Muuttaja Aino Himanen

This article was published in "Kauppalehti Optio' in Finland. The article is focusing on disability inclusion Specialist Aino Himanen and her pioneering work in disability inclusion in WASH in general and Community-Led Accelerated WASH project in particular. The article is attached and is in Finnish.

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New article

Committed, efficient and humble COWASH Woreda CMP Advisor in Chencha Woreda, Gamo Zone of SNNP Region
This is the story of Yohannes Badege, water professional and a man with a purpose.

We start the discussion with Yohannes when it rains outside. Rainy season has started and rivers starts to flow water and to fill the empty dams for electricity we so much also need.
Yohannes is 28 years old Hydraulics and Hydropower Engineer (MSc) from Arbaminch University. He is married and he has 2 kids (5 and 7 years). Yohannes graduated 7 years ago. Before MSc degree he had a diploma from the same institute 12 years ago. After his diploma he worked as a technician and an engineer in Segen Peoples’ Zone Water Office. Later on, he became a Department Head in the same zone water office.
Yohannes has been working as COWASH Woreda CMP Advisor in Chencha woreda the last 5 years. We wanted to know what keeps the MSc level engineer in the woreda and why his work is successful.

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