Updated: Monday 22 July 2013

Experience sharing event on implementing high technologies through the CMP approach

Altogether 45 participants from governmetal offices, WaSH projects, NGOs, MFIs, academia and major donor organizations participated in the CMP high technology experience sharing event held on 19th June in Dukem.The main objective of the event was to create a platform for learning on how the CMP approach can be used for a broader selection of WaSH technologies. CMP has a proven record of success within the implementation of hand-dug wells and on-spot spring protections. However, the approach has also been used for rural piped schemes with gravity and pumps, shallow and deep wells, institutional latrines and rainwater harvesting. The event was organized in order to make sector stakeholders aware of the implementation principles for CMP in high technologies as well as to open a forum to discuss CMP development in the WaSH sector of Ethiopia.

Please read the full proceedings of the event here:


The presentations that were shared in the event can be downloaded from the CMP Presentations website.