Updated: Thursday 23 May 2019

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Committed, efficient and humble COWASH Woreda CMP Advisor in Chencha Woreda, Gamo Zone of SNNP Region
This is the story of Yohannes Badege, water professional and a man with a purpose.

We start the discussion with Yohannes when it rains outside. Rainy season has started and rivers starts to flow water and to fill the empty dams for electricity we so much also need.
Yohannes is 28 years old Hydraulics and Hydropower Engineer (MSc) from Arbaminch University. He is married and he has 2 kids (5 and 7 years). Yohannes graduated 7 years ago. Before MSc degree he had a diploma from the same institute 12 years ago. After his diploma he worked as a technician and an engineer in Segen Peoples’ Zone Water Office. Later on, he became a Department Head in the same zone water office.
Yohannes has been working as COWASH Woreda CMP Advisor in Chencha woreda the last 5 years. We wanted to know what keeps the MSc level engineer in the woreda and why his work is successful.

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