About CMP

The Community Managed Project (CMP) approach is one of the four service delivery models for the development and use of rural WaSH infrastructure in Ethiopia. Effectively it is an implementation modality which helps communities realise their WaSH projects. The CMP approach decentralizes service delivery by making communities responsible for the planning, implementation and maintenance of new water schemes, whilst district authorities provide capacity building and external support

CDF (Development before CMP)

Here are documents of Community Development Fund (CDF), which was the approach tested before creation of CMP.

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CMP Manuals and handbooks

Here is the updated CMP Manual use in COWASH III and another updated CMP Manual planned to be used in CWA:

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WASHCO Procurement Guideline

WASHCO Procurement is an essential part of CMP implementation. Here is the WASHCO procurement guideline in English and in Amharic:

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CMP Guideline for High Tech

CMP approach can be used also in the implementation of high tech water supplies. This is the CMP guideline, which can be used for Rural Piped Scheme implementation:

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CDF article on July 2004

Community Development Fund Article presented in WEDC conference on July 2004

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CMP approach

The poor sustainability of rural water services is well recognized. Project-based, one-off and stand-alone implementation of water systems should be replaced with sustainable, large-scale approaches that actualize the philosophy of decentralized service delivery. One such an approach is the Community Managed Project (CMP) approach which has been piloted and successfully implemented in two regions of Ethiopia: within the Rural Water Supply and Environmental Programme in Amhara Region (RWSEP) and the Rural Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Programme in Benishangul-Gumuz Region (FinnWASH-BG). Based on the promising results, the Government of Ethiopia has now decided to mainstream the CMP approach into its National WaSH strategy.

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10 steps of CMP

The CMP approach explained in 10 steps.

10 key steps of CMP.pdf  (647.5 kB)

CMP questions & answers

The most commonly posed questions related to the CMP approach are answered in the following. Please contact us if you do not find an answer to your specific question.

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