Amhara was where CMP started. The Community Development Fund (CDF) was an innovation introduced to the WaSH programme in Amhara by the Rural Water Supply and Environmental Programme (RWSEP) in 2003. This innovation formed for the basis for the financing aspects of the CMP approach, and the Amhara experience provides the longest experience of its impact.


Amhara Progress reports presented here

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Amhara Plans

Amhara Plans are presented here:

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COWASH WASH Facilities in Amhara region

Maps and GIS-databases of 40 COWASH woredas in Amhara region.

Amhara COWASH-facilities in Google Maps

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Amhara financing

The regional government of Amhara has allocated around 6 million USD (103 METB) to CMP implementation for the years 2011-2014. 

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Amhara Profile

This Amhara COWASH Profile was prepared end of December 2014


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