CMP regions

Information on regions implementing CMP.

The map below illustrates the COWASH woredas that are implementing the CMP approach. More detailed maps are provided under each regional site.




Amhara was where CMP started. The Community Development Fund (CDF) was an innovation introduced to the WaSH programme in Amhara by the Rural Water Supply and Environmental Programme (RWSEP) in 2003. This innovation formed for the basis for the financing aspects of the CMP approach, and the Amhara experience provides the longest experience of its impact.

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Since 2009, the FinnWASH-BG project has been implementing the CMP approach in the Benishangul-Gumuz region. COWASH entered Benishangul-Gumuz Region 2014.

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The Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region starts CMP implementation in 2012. Here you can find information on developments within the region.

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Tigray is a new region that will start CMP implementation in 2012. Information on current developments and essential data will be uploaded here.

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The Oromia region started the preparatory processes for the CMP implementation in 2012 (2004 EFY) but the actual implementation started in 2005 EFY in 5 woredas. In 2006 EFY 3 more woredas joined COWASH.

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