Updated: Thursday 04 January 2018

Water is Life-A magazine by Tigray Region Water Bureau

“Water is Life”- A magazine by Tigray Region Water Resources Bureau

After COWASH Federal Technical Assistant Team (FTAT) conducted training on COWASH Communication strategy and guideline in Tigray Region a COWASH Communication Network has been established as an outcome of the training

Since the establishment of Tigray COWASH Network a magazine has been published with COWASH resources. The recent magazine from Tigray uploaded in the cmpethiopia.org with a name of ”Water is Life” is published with the intention to inform and document the major events happening in the region with regards to COWASH to regional stakeholders and beyond. The Magazine is prepared in two languages, Tigrigna and in Amharic to share Tigray COWASH experience with the region and beyond.

Statements of vision, mission and values of the Bureau of Water Resources can be found followed by message from the Water Resources Deputy Head and COWASH RSU Team Leader clearly telling the contribution of COWASH in the region. Deep into the magazine one can find the situation of community participation in specific projects constructed, inaugurated and being used by the local community. Federal level COWASH Technical Assistant Team and Embassy of Finland representative field visits with a warm welcome from WASHCOs in the communities are also captured and shared to the stakeholders by the magazine which is circulated in the region and outside.

Not only community water supply infrastructures but also evidences from similar services in schools and health institutions are also covered by the magazine. Rural pipe schemes built and inaugurated which are giving service to a wide range of beneficiaries from communities to institutions are also shown when they were inaugurated by community and government officials.  Pictures from trainings given with the assistance from FTAT are also included.

This is an outcome of a dedicated training given in COWASH Communications strategy to regional stakeholder with close collaboration with COWASH FTAT, RSUs and regional stakeholders in COWASH Phase III.

Unfortunately the size of the Magazine was too bit to be uploaded to the CMP web site.