Updated: Monday 16 September 2013

CMP professionals learn more about communication and training methodologies

The COWASH project conducted a training impact assessment in SNNP and Tigray regions for CMP trainings delivered in 2013 in collaboration with COWASH Federal Technical Assistance Team (FTAT) and the Regional Support Units (RSUs). The CMP trainings had been given to stakeholders at the regional, zonal, woreda and kebele levels. One of the major outcomes of the assessment was the lack of skills in using effective communication techniques and training methodology. Most of the trainings provided were rich in content but lacked skills and ways how to make information presentable, simple and people-centered in the process of transferring the required key message for the stakeholders. As a result, the COWASH project decided to tackle the issue and in August, 25 people were trained in communication and training methodology.

Firstly, COWASH developed a ToR for a consultancy to design and conduct communication and training methodology for the Amhara, Tigray, SNNPR and Oromia COWASH RSU staff including COWASH FTAT. A communication and training methodology specialist from the Netherlands was selected to design the communication and training methodology training. Background information on 25 trainees were prepared and sent to the trainer in advance. Moreover, a questionnaire was sent to each trainee. The exercise helped the trainer to develop a customized training that fits the COWASH project in the transfer of the CMP messages.

The main objective of the training was to explore and discuss the key concepts surrounding communication and training methodologies. A particular focus was given on strengthening advocacy skills and developing effective communication skills so that trainees can effectively promote the principles of Community Managed Project (CMP) approach. More over trainees developed skills in the areas of developing and conducting people-centered training methodologies which will be used as an input while training stakeholders from the region down to the kebele level.

A total of 25 people, one female and 24 male, attended the training which was conducted in Adama town in Oromia region. The duration of the training was from August 26 to 31, 2013. The training was conducted successfully as planned. Communication and Training Methodology Six Day Course prepared as a participant guide was given to all participants. There were lots of group exercises, brainstorming, role play and team building exercises. The participants were also made to understand in depth what the real differences in active and passive learning are, the tools and procedures in message design and other materials which effectively kept the participates very active in the process

The participants of the training are highly expected to change their usual way of delivering trainings and communication by making use of the new skills and knowledge gained to bring about a positive impact on the stakeholders capacity at all levels.

Download the full training report here.