Updated: Saturday 06 September 2014

GIS & database management training in Tigray

COWASH capacity building specialist and GIS expert held the third training of database management and GIS in Tigray's capital Mekelle on 25-30 August. Training was assisted by technician from the GIS-department of the Ministry of Water Irrigation and Energy and two COWASH RSU experts. Assistant teachers were trained during the weekend before actual training.

COWASH capacity building specialist teaching COWASH data collection process

Training was for water officials in every level of the administration but mainly targeted for woreda-level water specialists. There were 20 trainees from which 15 were from woredas. One fourth of the trainees were females.

Training was a success gathering maximum scores from the trainees accordingly to the feedback reports. Trainees wanted to have more similar trainings in future and also training to certain specific softwares. COWASH will investigate possibilities to fulfill these wishes.

Results of the short training feedback questionnaire