Updated: Tuesday 07 August 2018

Oromia COWASH completed the training in Mombasa

A total of 13 male trainees attended the training in “leading/managing water supply and sanitation projects in Mombasa, Kenya facilitated by NETWAS. The trainees were from Oromia finance, water, education and health bureaus dealing with COWASH. The CMP Specialist from Federal COWASH team was also one of the participant. Three of the trainees were their first time out of Ethiopia. Training lasted from July 22 to August 6, 2018.

The training equipped the RWSC members on the technical and managerial issues of the WASH sector more and increased their knowledge and commitment to make knowledge based decisions and contributions to the ongoing WASH initiatives of the region in general and the COWASH project in particular. So they thank the COWASH project for arranging such a very important, timely and assistive training as it helped them to know what is going in the WASH sector outside of Ethiopia & drew good lessons.

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