Updated: Thursday 04 December 2014

COWASH as a case study for Water Integrity Network flagship publication

The Water Integrity Network is developing a Flagship Publication on water integrity with 7 institutional partners. The publication aims to become a guiding document for stakeholder groups for evidence based advocacy and policy formation for water integrity. The targeted audience of the publication will be decision and policy makers.

The publication will assess the impact of water integrity interventions in developing and developed countries in following themes:

  • River basins competition (including integrity developments in topics like water-food-land, energy, environment, trans-boundary issues, climate change),
  • Water and Sanitation: urban and rural (including developments in topics like Information and Communication Technology [ICT], human rights, equity and gender),
  • Integrity tools, Capacity development (including trainings on integrity),
  • Monitoring, Advocacy for water integrity,
  • Policies and Laws on integrity