Updated: Thursday 10 February 2022

Ministry of Water and Energy of Ethiopia

The Ministry of Water and Energy of Ethiopia (MoWE) is a federal organization established to undertake the management of water and energy resources of Ethiopia. This involves development, planning and management of water and energy resources, development of policies, strategies and programs, develop and implement water and energy sector laws and regulations, conduct study and research activities, provide technical support to regional water and energy bureaus and offices and sign international agreements.

The role of the MoWE with regard to rural water supply is to develop policies, strategies and national programs, allocate financial resources, coordinate multi-regional programs at national level, provide capacity building and identify funding for rural water supply. As stated in the new National WaSH Implementation Framework (WIF), the MoWE is now supporting the scaling-up of the CMP approach in the country.

- Address:
Haile Gebreselassie Road
P.O. Box 5744
Addis Ababa
- Org. type:
Government Department