Case Studies

In order to capture the essence of the CMP approach, case studies ranging from end user's perspective to federal level processes will be published here.

Yeloma Kebele case study in Amhara Region

Yeloma Kebele and Gult 5 water point including the Guard case study was prepared in connection of the visit of H.E. Sirpa Paatero on January 9, 2015 to Amhara Region. Ms Sirpa Paatero is the Minister for Development Cooperation of Finland.


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COWASH Case Study

The Water Integrity Network and other institutional partners are working on a flagship publication on water integrity which will be released at Stockholm World Water Week 2015. WIN proposed to include COWASH as a case study in the 'WRM and Access to Water and Sanitation in Rural Areas' section.  Accordingly COWASH team drafted the case study to be published by WIN.

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Visit to Abichu gena woreda

Abichu gena woreda is located in North Shoa zone of Oromia Region. COWASH started in Abichu gena woreda in 2005 EFY (2012-2013) and is now implementing the 3rd year in the Woreda. During the period of 2 years Abichu gena woreda has implemented 61 water points and the number of water points planned to be implemented this year (2014-2015) are 41. COWASH has accelerated the water supply access coverage in Abichu gena woreda from its lower percentage to 95 % and the woreda is optimistic that it will achieve the GTP targets due to COWASH assistance. In sanitation all households which have joined the water supply have also constructed toilets and in addition to this 2 school and 2 health facility latrines have been built and 2 kebeles have been declared ODF.

W/ro Zenash Abebe is the chairperson of the Debero-Garmojo water point. She is assisted by W/ro Tatchi Gemeda (Treasurer), Ato Kebede Zeleke (Secretary) and other three WASHCO members. Together they manage the water supply serving 30 households.

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Case Study on Ele spring in Genta Bonke Kebele of Arbaminch Zuria Woreda, Gamogofa Zone, SNNP region

Mr. Arto Suominen and Ato Abebaw Getachew carried out this case study on May 2014. Ele Spring in Genta Bonke kebele of Arbaminch Zuria Woreda, Gamogofa Zone, SNNP Region is feeding a small gravity scheme constructed in 2013 by COWASH. The Spring, benefiting more than 820 (330 female) rural population, has a water reservoir of about 600 liters and 4 stand posts, which are about 1 km far apart from each other. Ele Spring is located some 20 km away from Arba Minch town and is located at the top of a mountain. 

The Ele gravity water scheme construction followed the Community Managed Project approach where the community applied to the Woreda WaSH Team for the scheme. The application was attached with a document from the local OMO Micro-Finance Institution proving the saved up-front cash contribution of 1,500 Birr and supporting letter from the Kebele administration. 78 households, except 3 poor households exempted by the community, contributed to the up-front cash contribution.

All households build toilets for each household to prove their seriousness of the hygiene and sanitation. After the project field appraisal was made by the Woreda experts an agreement with the Woreda WaSH Team and the community was signed for the financing of the scheme. The total costs of the scheme was Birr 85,850 from which the community contributed Birr 24,995in terms of labor and provision of local available construction materials and the Government of Ethiopia grant contribution was Birr 60,855, which amount was transferred to Community account opened in the local OMO Micro-Finance Institution.

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CMP Impacts Case Study in Gonji Kolella Woreda

Mr. Mebit Mitiku, the previous MSc student of COWASH and now an Engineer working as lecturer in Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering Department of Madawalabu University carried out rapid Impact Case Study of CMP projects' impacts on the rural community in Konji Kolella Woreda in June 2014. The impact case study provides an opportunity to document lessons learnt and examples of best practices in ’’what has worked well’’. The study examines the change in the lives of the families and family members benefitting from the CMP projects. The study assesses if the benefits of CMP projects are really there at the grass root level and what are the most relevant CMP benefits to the community.

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CMP appoach, Avola spring in Senkegna, Yilmana Densa Woreda.pdf

As part of the MUStRAIN project in Ethiopia, various approaches to water harvesting, multiple use of water and ecological sanitation have been studied by IRC. Here the Community Managed Project (CMP) approach is presented as a way of up-scaling multiple use water services. Case study of Avola Spring in Yilmana Densa Woreda of West Gojjam Zone of Amhara Region.

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Study on sector collaboration

Mr. Abiy Girma, the Coordinator of the National WaSH Coordination Office of the Ministry of Water and Energy and Mr. Arto Suominen, the Chief Techical Advisor of the COWASH project together published a case study on the WaSH sector collaboration in Ethiopia. The study was produced in partnership with the IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre.

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